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Caring for Your Child


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Caring for Your Child

Give your child a simple, truthful explanation about what's happening. Explain that these changes are normal for older kids and teens, but that his or her body has started developing a little too early. Keep your child informed about treatment and what can be expected along the way. Also be sure to watch for signs that teasing, bullying or other difficulties associated with precocious puberty may be affecting your child's emotional development.

Common warning signs to discuss with your doctor include:
   poor grades
   problems at school
   loss of interest in daily activities

How you cope with the issue can also determine how well your child will cope. The goal is to prevent kids from dwelling on sexual development or developing a poor self-image or low self-esteem. To create a supportive environment, try not to focus your comments on appearance. Instead, offer praise for achievements in school or sports and support your child's participation in other activities.
The important thing to remember is that kids with precocious puberty can be treated. Doctors can help them preserve their adult height potential as well as limit the emotional and social difficulties they may face from maturing early.

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