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star tesh:
my dd was diagnosed with Precocious Puberty when she was 5.5yrs olds. I noticed early signs of PP like mature body odour, height spurt and fine hairs on pubic area at that time and took her to dr. luckily my GP was a very good and referred her to endocrinology clinic straight away. After many blood tests, scans and MRI, PP was confirmed. my daughter started having  Decapeptyl injections every 10 weeks. after 6 month review, her injection frequency was brought to 8 weeks as she was still growing fast. and again After 6 month review with her consultant she is having her injections now every 6 weeks.
she becomes very moody and exhausted near her injection time . she hates to go for injections. it's a struggle to go through every 6 weeks. I bribe her every time for hospital appointments but still face to do lots of persuasion.
My DD is just 7.5 yrs old  but her height is already 135cm and wear shoes no 1. She has full blown hair growth on body and face. I am very worried as some kids in school teased her about having facial hairs as they are visible. I have talked to her teachers about her condition and teasing. They are very supportive and looking into ways to help her. luckily her best friend is a caring and stick with her most of the time.
I am clueless what to do as she is very young for any kind of treatments like wax or laser or shaving. For me to deal with all this is draining as I want her to enjoy her childhood without any worries  and difficulties. I feel like having a young teenager who is innocent and cannot understand her condition.

your daughter is lucky to a treatment and good social circle..take care of her

star tesh:
thank you..

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope your child is coping well.

glad that your child has developed a good friendship..


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