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Social concerns:

Due to early puberty, a child is may be taller than other children of her/his age.  It is important to treat children according to their actual age rather their apparent age, because children tend to develop self-esteem and behave according to how they are treated. Parents of children with precocious puberty should tell teachers and other responsible adults about this important relationship.

A child may feel embarrassed by the physical effects of puberty as all children want to look and act like their friends.  It is helpful to tell the child that all girls and boys normally experience puberty, but for her/his, it has occurred sooner than usual.  It is important to tell a child that the changes in her/his body are normal. The child should be allowed to participate in his/her usual activities, which may include spending the night with a friend, athletics and extracurricular activities. Encourage your child to discuss with you worries that he/she may be having.

 It is not necessary to tell anyone about your childís problem; if, however, they ask because of visible growth in height and breast development  and you wish to discuss this with them, explain that your child is perfectly normal but has started puberty at an earlier than normal age.  If your child is receiving injections, you can explain that they are given to temporarily stop puberty, which assists these children in achieving an acceptable adult height. As itís a rare condition and not a lot of information is out there on public platforms, itís important to explain it properly and tell them that itís not a lifelong treatment but important treatment in order to have a normal start into their adult life.

do not tell anybody as it can become a stigma for your child.

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I agree with you..

give lots of support and encouragement

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yes and thank you


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