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Treatment of Precocious Puberty
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:34:39 pm »
Treatment for Precocious Puberty

If your doctor thinks that your child has precocious puberty, he or she may refer you to a paediatric endocrinologist (a doctor who specializes in growth and hormonal disorders in children) for further evaluation and treatment. Once precocious puberty is diagnosed, the goal of treating it is to stop or even reverse sexual development and stop the rapid growth and bone maturation that can eventually result in adult short stature. Depending upon the cause, there are two possible approaches to treatment:

1.   treating the underlying cause or disease, such as a tumour
2.   lowering the high levels of sex hormones with medicine to stop sexual development from progressing

Sometimes, treatment of a related health problem can stop the precocious puberty. But in most cases, no other disease is triggering the condition, so treatment usually involves hormone therapy to stop sexual development.
In girls, breast size may decrease or at least there will be no further development. In boys, the **** and testicles may shrink back to the size expected for their age. Growth in height will also slow down to a rate expected for kids before puberty. A child's behaviour usually becomes more age-appropriate, too.

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